Raw Organic Honey

Raw Acacia Honey

Most of our Acacia Honey has over 70% of pollen content coming from Black Locust or False Acacia Tree and we are proud to be based next to the biggest man-planted forest of this tree in Europe starching over 110 000 acres in areas of Deliblato Sand, Serbia.

We are growing colonies and number of beehives on our farm in village Susara right now as well as corporate membership and our capacity right now is just under 300 tons per year.

We plan to double this number each year slowly replacing overpriced fake ‘manuka honey diluted with rice and corn syrups’ with our real undiluted, unheated, unfiltered Raw Acacia Honey that will soon take global dominance. Acacia Honey oversees balancing of sugar levels in your body as well it has amazing antioxidant properties. It is used in cancer research and by the many regular users it is the most complex honey in the world and most pleasing treat to your body.

Constant use would regulate blood pressure, help with stress and insomnia. Question is whom you can trust for genuine constant supply. Try us and you will not regret that choice for the rest of your life.

Raw Lime Blossom Honey

Most of our Lime Blossom (Linden) Honey has over 70% of pollen in its pollen content that is coming from Balkan Linden Tree (Tilia tomentosa) and we are proud to be based next to the biggest organic Balkan Linden forest in Europe ‘Fruska Gora’ that is covering over 85 000 acres of Balkan Linden Forest.

We are growing our farm size right now to 6000 bee hives as well as corporate membership and our capacity for the coming summer 2020 collection and distribution facility is just over 240 tons per year. We plan to double this number each year slowly replacing fake ‘honey diluted with rice and corn syrups’ with real Antibacterial Honey under our national cooperative brand ‘Beekeepers Honey’.

Linden honey or Lime Blossom Honey from ‘Fruska Gora’ is highly praised in Europe for the best natural antiseptic with amazing antibacterial properties with far better properties than Manuka Honey. There are plenty of fake and diluted cheap ‘honey like’ branded products on the market even among top producers. Reality is that you have better chance to win the lottery than to hold the jar of the original Raw Manuka Honey that was subject of scientific research decades ago.

We have access to the best quality mono flower antibacterial Lime Blossom honey available in the World. Question is whom you can trust for genuine supply of your Antibacterial Brands of honey. Try us and you will not regret that choice for the rest of your life. We are as genuine as it is our Lime Blossom Honey and sooner you realised that fact, your life will be free from fake ‘honey brands’ that never set (crystallise). Fake honey is harming your pocket and even more harming your body.

We are your right alternative..

Raw Phacelia Honey

Every year in bird protected organic areas of surrounding fields next to Karas river, Danube and Deliblato Sand Nature Park we plant Phacelia plant for its health and medical properties while main purpose of this plant is exceptional organic bee pasture.

Yes, we are taking with our cooperative more and more farmland and making it bee pastureland area. We are arming Phacelia on nearly 1000 acres predominantly on sandy soils that also helps amelioration of soil. Phacelia honey is believed to be a good disinfectant. Honey naturally contains vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and vitamin C. It is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and being a very good diuretic, helping to eliminate excess water from tissues contributing with weight lost.

Raw Phacelia Honey is widely used in skincare as well in cancer research. Every year we can export from Balkan Region around 96 tons of Pure, Unfiltered, Unheated, Organic, Raw Phacelia Honey supplying constantly your growing demand.

Raw Sage Honey

Our Cooperative Sage honey production is based on Dalmatian Islands near Zadar and Split as well across Hercegovina and Montenegro.

Raw Sage honey depending on season comes in several different types with different colours such as light yellow to pale green. The properties of sage honey are calming nerves, improve the mood and when Raw Sage Honey is consumed with herbal teas it has a great effect and eliminates cough.

Sage honey has a slightly bitter taste that opens the lungs and strengthens the immune system. It is one of the honey types that crystallise very slowly. Sage is seen by our herbal medicine tradition as plant that increase life span It is extremely rare and delicate and price is very high on the market. If the price is right it is possible to export bigger amounts, if not most of domestic product is sold to local tourists in Croatia and Montenegro.

Every year we are able to produce around 48 tons of Raw Sage Honey but again question is will all cooperative members agree on offered price or will they just wait for the next tourist season to sell it to local tourists in Dalmatia.

Raw Immortelle Honey

Immortelle Honey is the most demanding honey in the world for simple reason it is extremely difficult to obtain it especially for any commercial distribution. For those that treasure this honey and are ready to pay right price for it we can help but far away from offering big amounts of this honey like Sunflower or Rape Seed Oil flower that is farmed on big acreages and produce good amount of pollen.

Immortelle is cultivated on less than 10 000ha in all Balkan Peninsula and if we collect all production together we will not be able to collect more than 10 tons of this honey in all of Balkan Region with price coming close to 230 Euros per Kg. Helichrysum Italicum or Immortelle is mentioned in all major medical treatises of the Greco-Roman tradition.

Theophrastus (3rd century BCE) — in his Historia Plantarum, the oldest extant medicinal plant treatise from the Western tradition — mentioned the application of Helichrysum mixed with honey to treat burns and wounds. Overall, the most common medical uses of Helichrysum documented by ancient authors were as a topical antiseptic, a cicatrizing (i.e., scar-forming) agent, for joint health and liver protection, and as a treatment for airway infections.

If you are interested in contracting us to produce this type of honey for your target markets in Balkan Region we can help since we also grow Immortelle for essential oil on more than 600ha in Eastern Serbia.

Raw Rosemary Honey

Rosemary honey is typical from the Mediterranean regions. With a unique taste it distinguishes itself from other honeys. But the production is rarely the same, as it depends a lot on whether conditions from the end of the winter and beginning of the spring. It has tonic properties. It is used in loss of strength, with neuritis and flue recommended to children and old people. It has good anti-inflammatory properties.

It treats hepatic insufficiency and other liver conditions. Raw Rosemary honey helps in stomach diseases, especially for those with a slow digestion. It helps in intestinal conditions. It is a powerful tonic, recommended to children and old people. Also, Raw Rosemary honey is very good stress relief for workaholic people. The Romans loved the rosemary honey and consider it the best type of honey in the world.

They also recognised gift of Rosemary Honey as a symbol of expressing love. We have limited areas planted under Rosemary Fields in areas surrounding Deliblato Sand Nature Park mainly used for essential oil production. All our annual production does not exceed 30 tons of Raw Rosemary Honey from our own and cooperative farmers production.