About us

Organic Products - The sweet pride of Serbia

How we achieve this important goal of keeping bees healthy and in the top condition?

We never take all honey from beehive for us but make our own winterfeed.

Our bees winterfeed is based on honey and garlic without any white sugar mixture-based feeds mainly used in intensive beekeeping shortening significantly life of bee from 6 years to only one year and half maximum.

If white sugar is not good for bees and if it significantly shortens life span of working bee, it is obvious that has negative influence on humans. In our bee keeping cooperative we do not want it in any of our bee feeds or in any of our honey and we promote ethical sustainable beekeeping with bees in mind and our honey is made from pollen that is collected from flowers as it was done by tradition of our great grandfathers.

Our products are not the cheapest but are the best products on the market and the same honey that was consumed in ancient times is available with our cooperative members in Balkan Region. We have implemented system of good practice as well as quality control regulation standards guaranteeing in our jars you will find only honey made from bees and not synthetic honey based on sugar or rice syrup. What is on the label or in the lab test will be in the our jar or in the barrel.