Season (16 April – 30 September)

To ensure the best chances of success of shooting roe deer we recommend a visit to shooting areas around Tisa river in Serbia in the last two weeks of April. It is possible to hunt completely wild medal heads in one day with some heads over 500 grams. Serbia is well known for biggest wild population of  trophy roe bocks in Europe as much as volume is present that each hunter can bag 2-3 bucks per each day in some areas  . There is therefore an unrivalled combination of quality and quantity, and we can offer some very competitive packages on both trophy and management roe buck hunting programs.



Our Roe Buck program is for min 6 hunters and max 15 hunters.

We will organise 3 hunting days 4 nights, 5 days in total 650 Euros + 350 Euros per each buck regardless of trophy size.



  • Traditional Serbian Accommodation and food,
  • licences,
  • 1:1 guides,
  • Airport transfers


Each day we organise 2 outings one early in the morning and other in the evening.

We are providing each hunter with min 2 chances per each day to shoot Roe Buck.


If you are particularly keen on picking only big trophies  you need to think about regular  trophy price list charges inclusive of VAT (20%) and guideline is below:

  • 1 buck   350+ grams for   600 Euro
  • 1 buck   400+ grams for   960 Euro
  • 1 buck   450+ grams for 1380 Euro
  • 1 buck   500+ grams for 1920 Euro
  • 1 buck   550+ grams for 2820 Euro


Injured but not found trophies are charged 50% of this trophy price list


With this hunt we provide:

  • One guide and one 4×4 on each guest hunter
  • Two outings per day in the early morning and in the evening
  • Measuring and row preparation of trophies.
  • Serbian Hunting licence and insurance
  • food and accommodation over 4 nights and Airport Transfers



Alcohol, Ammunition, Gun Hire, Airport gun Tax, Tips, and Airfares to Belgrade.