Annual Quotas

Hunting activities in the Balkans are strictly regulated by government Environmental & wildlife agencies that allow every hunting estate annual game management plan and issue each hunting areas with ‘tickets’ or quotas for particular species for particular season . If an estate exceeds the allowed quota of a particular quarry, shooting is stopped before the end of the season. Animals and birds are regularly observed and counted twice per year. If there is an outbreak of animal disease hunting can be delayed until the following season. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.


First of all you need to reserve your dates with 50% deposits that can be split in 2 payments, the first payment is due 2 weeks after offer for particular dates is presented to you and your team and the second 25% of deposits is due 3 months later. The remaining 50% balance payment needs to be cleared the latest 3 months before start of shooting so we can sort out your tourist hunting licence and issue you with invitation letter. Reminder will be send to you 1 month before 50% balance payment is due. If your balance payments and deposits are late more than 3 days agreement is not valid anymore and we reserve right to cancel trip and keep prepaid deposits without any refund. In order to issue you with invitation letter we need remaining 50% cleared min 3 months before start of your trip. Also we need the make, model and serial number of your guns you will be travelling with together with copy of your passport and your National Shotgun/ Firearm Certificate .

You will then receive a letter of invitation from us and we will provide you in person on arrival with appropriate national hunting association permits. We will provide your group with our national hunting licences that will cover duration of your trip. Licenses and liability insurance must be checked before start of hunting. Lasarotta Hunting will do all necessary paperwork to provide you with Serbian or other national hunting license on evening of your arrival. You will need to have your original national licence together with your passport and local hunting licence with you all the time while travelling and hunting across Balkans. Make sure you also keep paper with your temporary import for sporting gun since border police will ask you to show it together with your national licence and passport before you leave Balkans.