Ammunition Sizes

The calibre of the gun and the type of ammunition you use must comply with the Law on Hunting and hunting custom and ethics. The minimum calibre for deer and wild boar is 7mm, and the minimum bullet weight is 160 grains. For other big game, the minimum calibre is 6mm, and bullet weight 100 grains. For all details regarding ammunition sizes please see PDF form Ammunition.

We would like to inform our potential visitors that shooting regulations are strict and well implemented. Our attention to detail is very strong in this area. We take people only to places where we know that even with the most difficult groups hunting areas are able to provide plenty of shooting opportunities while maintaining very high levels of safety. Over the last 30 years not a single injury has been registered in our estates that are dealing with foreign hunters. We want to keep this good reputation and expect our clients to maintain the highest standards of safety.

It is important to follow the instructions that guides give and to remember the basic rules during a walked up or a driven day. Please obey the safety rules and do not move from the position designated by your hunting guide if you do not wish to be disqualified from shooting. The shoot manager has the last word!

Basic Safety rules while hunting

You must be aware all the time of the other Hunters positions and backdrop before shooting. You will be reminded of the position of other Guns before shooting START. It is important that during walked-up quail days (quail over pointers) Guns always keep in a straight line and never take shots when unsure of the location of other Guns. Swinging the gun through the line is a dangerous and forbidden activity. If a bird gets up in front of you and then turns and flies over or through the line, then you should raise your gun (so that it is off your shoulder), turn around and then remount the gun to fire safely behind. When you are carrying your gun in the line, point it downwards and forwards all the time. EMPTY your gun before you leave your peg and load your gun ONLY once you are on you peg and visible for hunters next to you.

On driven boar days you will be introduced to a new set of rules and local traditions but it is important to remember the basic safety rules. At the beginning of a driven boar drive you must locate the guns on your left and right, understand borders, your shooting area and safety angles. In some shoots you will shoot from the ground and it is not safe to move even one meter from your peg backward or to shoot game while it is approaching toward you. In some places where driven boar is organised with personal assistance on each peg and often from 1.5 m high wooden box hides, you might be allowed to shoot boar 30 meters toward beaters. In this case the guide will accompany you on the peg at all times, and you must stop shooting forward beaters when beaters are too close to your pegs.

Hunting Etiquette

Game that rises or runs away from you should not be shot at a too close range. It is also very unethical to risk wounding by shooting at very high birds that are out of range. Do not take a second shot at a wounded bird, which is on the ground! There is a serious risk that you may shoot a dog which is picking it up.
Do not take shots at running red deer on driven boar days. Do not shoot any big game quarry out of range. Avoid the risk of wounding animals as much as it is possible. Charges for wounded and not found game are 50% of estimate trophy value according to Serbian national hunting federation’s trophy price lists. We expect you to behave as true sportsmen, use appropriate ammunition and have respect for the quarry.

Licences & Insurance

To be able to hunt in Serbia and the surrounding countries you must be able to provide valid national (UK/EU/USA/ RUS/UAE/SA/CH) firearm or shotgun licence and valid third party hunting insurance. This insurance must specify the type of cover, type of shooting and cover HUNTING IN EUROPE. The insurance must cover personal accident, public and third party liability and any eventualities connected with cancelling of hunting trip because of extremely bad weather (0.5% chances) . We do not take responsibility to organise PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND TRAVEL INSURANCE OR CANCELATION INSURANCE COVER. All our foreign hunters are provided with our national hunting association’s third party insurance that provides MINIMAL cover (up to 150 000 Euros) for the duration of the temporary hunting licence for our operations but do not cover injuries that can occur as result of your party members negligence toward fellow hunters, dogs or beaters. If clients are unhappy with our very basic cover provided together with national Hunting Licence we would prefer to see personally arranged insurance cover by your party members. A booking cannot be accepted without the necessary insurance cover and your national hunting licence & Shotgun / Firearm Certificate and we cannot take any responsibility for your negligent actions. Every group will have min 1 local guide on 3 foreign hunters that will make sure safety regulations are implemented all the time.


If you would like to bring your own sporting guns to Balkans from the UK, EU, USA, UAE,SA, CH or Russia we recommend Belgrade Airport as a first choice for shooting in Serbia and Romania (Transylvania), Zagreb Airport as a first choice for shooting in Croatia and Bosnia while Budapest Airport is be first choice for Hunting in Hungary and Slovakia.

 Flying to Zagreb directly or via London Croatian Airlines and many other air carriers.

Flying to Belgrade directly from New Your or via: London, Frankfurt, Munich or Rome with Air Serbia, Lufthansa, Alitalia and Swiss Airlines and many other air carriers.

Flying to Budapest from all over the Europe with different air carriers (Wizzair Do not carry Guns)

We will arrange all the formalities related to the customs procedures to bring your gun into the all Balkan countries. Each gun will incur a customs tax paid directly to airport police by client in local currency. This is fee for temporary import of sporting weapons of around 25 Euros or less (depending on country). From October 2012 some airlines are also introducing gun handling fees 40-55 Euros each way that need to be sorted with your airlines and cannot be part of our packages as well as any charges for registering your guns by Airport Police. You should note that automatic and semi-automatic guns must be capable of firing no more than three shots. We will provide you with invitation letter which will contain all the data about the weapons you are bringing with you ( information that need to also be provided to us by you at least 3 months before start of your trip. You must agree not to enclose any documents, which are or may be, in whole or in part: false, unlawful, criminal or fraudulent.


If you want to avoid paperwork and use more cheaper options to fly to Belgrade, Budapest, Timisoara, Sofia and Zagreb with low cost airlines that do not carry guns (WIZZAIR.COM) we are able to offer you an option of hiring quality shotguns and rifles locally for 25-30 Euros per day + ammunition. All sporting guns can be checked for accuracy early in the morning before you are confident to use them in hunting areas.


To arrange temporary import of your sporting guns into Serbia and any other country in the region, you will need to present the guns at the border station. For hunters from Latvia and some other countries it is request from the local authorities to apply for temporary export of sporting guns from your national police (Serbia and Croatia are listed as a safe countries and this permit is not needed for the most of countries like UK, most of EU, USA and Russia).

You must have a valid passport (least 3 months), Shotgun /Firearm Certificate (valid in your own country) and also the Lasarotta Hunting letter of invitation with receipt for 100% paid services and accommodation in Serbia. You need all these documents to get permission for the temporary import of your hunting weapons. You will need to pay custom duty (about 25 Euro or less per gun) at the time. At passport control you will go through the Red channel (goods to declare) with your luggage and hunting weapons, to get the permit for temporary import of your weapon.

You can also take (5 kg of ammunition, 50 bullets and 200 cartridges) of ammunition for your guns (kept it in separate box for ammunition separate from the guns). All the guns need to be in a lockable carrying case for transportation (we also recommend trigger locks for the guns).