Season (01 September – 31 January) 


Without doubt the best time to hunt Big European Red Stag medals is during the rut season in mid/late September and in hilly areas early October is very good too . This can be a quite unforgettable experience for every hunter looking for a life time trophy animal. Hunters that are looking for management hunts in Serbian woods close to river Danube and Carpathian range of this mighty stag need to take at least 3-4 days hunting days get one or more  trophy heads. 

We offer daily packages inclusive of VAT in Serbia (20%).


 Programme for Big European Red Stag Hunting:

Our program is for min 1 hunters and max 3  hunters. We organise 3 hunting days 4 nights, 5 days in total and over this period all food, accommodation, Airport transfers, hunting guides, licences, 4×4,  will cost each hunter 1000 Euros + trophy fees:

Each day we organise morning and evening outing giving  on average each hunter  one to two chances  per each day to approach to Big European Stag and take a reasonable good shot.

You will be offered to shoot:

  • 1 Big Red Stag up to 6 kilograms for 3000 Euro
  • 1 Big Red Stag up to 7 kilograms for 4000 Euro
  • 1 Big Red Stag up to 8 kilograms for 5000 Euro

(Big stags of over 8 kg are difficult to find and it will take at least 7 days of hunting for such big trophy heads)

Injured but not found trophies are charged 50% of this trophy price list

All packages are inclusive of VAT in Serbia (20%).


With this hunt we provide:

  • One guide and one 4×4 on each guest hunter
  • Two outings per day in the early morning and in the evening
  • Measuring and row preparation of trophies.
  • Serbian Hunting licence and insurance
  • food and accommodation over 3 days of hunting 4 nights and Airport Transfers



Trophy fees, Alcohol, Ammunition, Gun Hire, Tips, Airport gun Tax and Airfares to Belgrade.