Please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Based on your request we will give you an offer. In the offer, you will have information about appropriate airport, available quarry and shooting dates.

Cost of your trip is influenced by length of your stay, programs, party size level of luxury and availability.

We will explain you programme from arrival to departure and total cost of your trip based on your requested level of luxury and style of accommodating and size of beg and trophies expected to harvest on the trip.

If you accept our offer we will need scanned copies of your passport and scanned copies of your national shotgun /firearm certificates. Also, we need to see scanned copies of third party hunting & travel insurance that covers Hunting in Europe.
Lasarotta Hunting interpreter will sort out all paperwork for your group well in advance and will meet you at Belgrade International airport (or any other airport if there are other arrangements).

Your guide will transfer your group to accommodation of your choice that is local to your shooting. The same person will pick up your group each morning before hunt with 4×4 and bring you back to the lodging place in the evening. Also, your group guide is responsible to bring you back to the airport and he/ she is our company guide that has the last word and should be respected so we can be focused and concentrate on delivering agreed prepaid bags and presenting your team with expected daily bags or great trophy animals.

We practice to sell all inclusive packages + client pay overage and trophies that are not included in basic packages and leave some tips for their guide (30 Euros per each day of the trip). Gratefulness to your hunting guide is sign of local respect in Balkan culture that has strong tipping couture.

Usually we recommend all inclusive packages consistent of:

  1. 2-5 days of Hunting / Shooting
  2. 4-6 Nights in local accommodation that can be part of the package but can be sorted separately by you (Please check accommodation).
  3. Minibus Airport & Hotel transfers,
  4. Ground 4×4 transportation on the day of Shooting from Hotel to Shooting areas,
  5. Hunting guides (1 guide on 3 hunters), dogs, beaters, pickers, ceremonies after hunting, greetings and gratitude,
  6. Expected daily bags based on average group cartridge to game ratio of: 2 cartridges to one Collared & Earl dove, 4 bullets to one boar on driven wild boar day, 4 cartridges to one quail, 4 cartridges to one Grey Partridge on driven or on walk up days, 5 cartridges to one pheasant on driven pheasant shooting packages.
  7. National hunting licence and basic local hunting insurance provided by national shooting organisations.


  1. Overage (number of birds & animals harvested over expected bags) or extra big trophies that are not included in price of your package but are shoot on the spot. This extra charges need to be sorted in cash and we will let you shoot with your knowledge that our trophy price list charges will be applicable for such big trophy that is not part of our basic hunting packages. You have to be able to agree on extra charges paid in cash before your group shoot extra birds or trophy animal that are not covered with your prepaid package.
  2. Loaders
  3. Alcohol and Bar drinks
  4. Ammunition and Gun hire
  5. Flights to Belgrade or appropriate airport
  6. Tips


During the shooting trip you will be with a guide. Guest hunters have to follow the commands of their local guides. At the end of each hunt our staff will fill out the shooting list with the shots you took, total amount of cartridges and bullets you fired, game you shoot and game you missed, game you injured and game that was presented but you decided not to take at given time. The shooting captain of your group will need to sign this document at the end of each day so we can monitor our contract agreement on daily bases and avoid any possible problems that bad communication can cause.
To make this trip memorable we would give you an advice: ‘Just relax and follow our guide’s instructions and we promise your group will have the experience of a lifetime’.

Thank you and we look forward to hosting your hunting party.

Lasarotta Hunting Team