Season (01 July – 31 January)


Lasarotta offers two different types of Moflon stalking. We organise Mediterranean-type mouflon stalking on beautiful Croatian coast and  exotic islands for younger hunters that can be very  fast with  preparing for taking the shoot since animals are very shay and once they move out o the site it is difficult to get them  since it is difficult to move around rocks and tick bushes.  Mouflon hunt on the islands slopes with beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea is very popular for hunters that prefer something different and want sea view experience while hunting but success  rate is much smaler than  stalking in the continental  woods of Croatia and Serbia. Woodland Mouflon  stalking  is organised for hunters that prefer to stalk traditional way with more than one chances to approach to mouflon per each outing  (very early morning and afternoon- evening outing).

Mouflon originally came from Corsica and during the 19th century were introduced to Dalmatian islands and continental parts of Balkans. The scenery and the wariness of these animals are the reasons why Mouflon hunting is so exciting and successful in both Mediterranean and Continental Estates.


Our program is for min 1 and max 3 hunters per each day.    


Every hunter pays 1000 euro per 3 days 4 nights trip + trophy fees

  •  Up to 60 cm  2500 Euro  ( Serbia Only)
  •       61-65 cm  3000 Euro  ( Serbia Only)
  •       66-70 cm 3500 Euro    (Croatia & Serbia)
  •      71-75 cm  4500 Euro    (Croatia & Serbia)
  •      76-80 cm  5500 Euro    (Croatia & Serbia)
  •      81-85 cm  6500 Euro     (Croatia & Serbia)


Mouflon shoot over agreed trophy size need to be paid IN CASH before leaving the country but in 95% guide will let you know if animal that you are taking is  according to trophy size that you booked in advance. The best time to shoot Mouflon is September-October before leafs are off  is very good time  to get good  mouflon.


With this hunt we provide:

  • One hunting guide on 2 guest hunters
  • Ground permit to enter hunting areas
  • Organisation of hunt
  • food and accommodation over 3 days of hunting 4 nights and Airport Transfers



Airfare to Zagreb, Zadar or Split Airport or Belgrade & Nis  Airport, Transfers, 4×4, Accommodation, licences, gun hire, ammunition.