Lasarotta Hunting is able to provide a range of traditional hunting accommodation for our clients. We attempt to meet our client’s demands for the quite sporting holiday that matches their dreams. Our accommodation is local to International airports and very close to our hunting areas.

We offer choice of lodging in different accommodations where in most cases hunters are enjoying having their own double room with en suite bathroom, late bar and traditional restaurant.

  1. Very luxurious Hunting Castles and 5 stars hotels (180 Euros per day Full Board)
  2. Hunting Manor lodging and private Hunting lodges (120 Euros per day Full Board)
  3. Traditional cottages ‘Salasi’ and ‘Konaci’ and 3 & 4* hotels ( 90 Euros per day Full Board)
  4. Local motel accommodation, B&B, 2 stars hotels (60 Euros per day Full Board)

Food & Drinks

The menu is always good in this part of Europe and we strongly recommend tasting different traditional game dishes. Whenever you stay you will be offered traditional Eastern European food based on meat, potatoes, pasta, beans and vegetables. Family run cottages offer different game dishes and a variety of domestic and branded drinks.

Town Breaks

Novi Sad, Belgrade, Arandjelovac, Vrsac, Timisoara, Budapest, Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Budva and Ulcinj are cities with fascinating history and exciting nightlife. Various restaurants, pubs and nightclubs are available for visitors who want to get in touch with the locals and experience the spirit of the region. We are happy to organise sporting breaks mixed with town experience at the end of each trip.